Team SQUID Del 5 – Mark Honeth

Mark kom nyligen ner från de kalla skogarna runt Kiruna, där han pluggat på Institutitionen för Rymdvetenskap genom SpaceMaster-programmet, för att hjälpa oss med elektroniken för att mäta elektriska fält i rymen. På somrarna åker han hem till familjen och släkten i Sydafrika, och har därför haft nöjet att inte få uppleva en sommar på två år.

Hello Mark! How old are you, and where are you originally from?
I’m 25 years old and from Kimberley in South Africa, although my family has some Swedish heritage so moving here was not such a huge culture shock.

What is your role in the SQUID project?

My task is to develop the electronics for an electric field instrument for small free-flying payloads which is to be mounted and tested on SQUID’s boom deployment system.

What did you study at your previous college, and what are you studying now here at KTH? What made you choose to study here?
I studied Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and I am currently in the second year of the Erasmus Mundus Space Master program. I was drawn to KTH to do my masters thesis because it has a really good reputation worldwide and I really want to be part of it to be confident that I can produce quality work when I enter the working world.

How did you come to join the SQUID team?

I just recently moved to Stockholm to do my masters thesis at KTH. Since the scope of my thesis and that of the electric field instrument required by SQUID overlapped, I figured I could make the most of my time in Stockholm by joining the SQUID team to enhance my experience in electronic development and make a positive contribution to this exciting project.

Where and with what do you hope to be working in ten years’ time?

There is no company or agency I have my eye on in particular, but for sure I would like to be part of something challenging that pushes the boundaries of technology and propels the human race into the heavens.

Worst space movie ever?

Space Balls. I’ve generally liked most space movies I’ve seen but I just didn’t think that one was as good as everyone else seems to think. (Jacob: Man, I have to agree!)