busy, busy, busy

I just realized, it seems we were too busy to actually inform you about all our problems and the work that has happened on the structure and especially on the deployment system during the last couple of weeks.

When we started to put the SCALE-system together about six weeks ago we found out, that we actually had some pretty big problems with friction, and where not really able to feed out the cable at all. The main problem here was the feed through mechanism of the main cogwheel where the cable is supposed to glide through easily. Now after a lot of trial and error and some help the system is working and it’s amazing how much better the feed-through works now.  So much about summing up the biggest problem we had recently. However I hope Malin finds some time soon to fill you in on the more detailed progress on the SCALE.

Then more recently we thought about panicking on Friday, because the M-Beam

– Team from Austria called us in order to get some more space. There experiment is going to sit right below ours in the rocket and we had discussed how much space they need, but for some reason it got bigger anyway. After some discussion it seems to be the easiest if we just raise our experiment a bit. Still we got kind of shocked and M-Beam seemed to be pretty desperate at first. I just hope we don’t experience any more problems due to that issue.

Fortunately there is something going according to the plans  (at least almost) and the manufacturing of the flight versions of some different parts has started. The first flight frame is finished, David is working on the first set of walls, which seems to be difficult, but with some training I am sure he will manage to bend them in a way so the fit “perfectly”. Then for next week it is planned, that all parts for the RMU are finished, and with some luck we will even have the outer housing of the first FFU done and finished.

Finally! The SCALE System is Ready

Jiangwei writes

After several weeks’ struggle, the scale system is finally hammered out, hahaha :D, at least it shows what the scale system is and how it works.

Here are two pictures showing the inner structure and the profile.

The Scale System Explosion View

This explosion view shows a lot of details inside the a single scale system, hopefully you could figure out how it works 😀

The Scale System Outprofile

Now it looks really cute~ Exactly a cube of 60×60×60

During the design, quite many engineering and modelling challenges bothered me a lot, as well as other mechanical guys, but eventually, after meetings and discussions, things become clear as if we saw the dawn. For instance, how to mount the scale system? Originally it was supposed to be mounted on the side surface of electrical components box, but now there’s no space for that.Hence, our final decision is simply mounting these scale systems onto the buttom disk, pretty good for saving the limited space. In addition, how to discard the protective door? Due to its “one-way trip”, we shouldn’t make it complex, otherwise, we are more like going to discard a bunch of money in the sky. So a “double-locker” solution was unveiled, which only uses two lockers to constrain the door, and releases the door after lockers activated, thus, the door could be manufactured simply as a disk, no hinge any more.

Here is a brief assembling of the Squid main structure, including the E-box (electrical components box), four scale systems, and the lower disk.

The Brief Assembling

This assembling includes the E-box, four scale systems, and the lower disk.(To me, it looks like a space battle carrier, ready to deploy fighters,yahhhh)

Lots of problems were solved and finally the design come into details, now when I am looking back to these old versions once modelled before, I can easily feel promotions in the current version, and satisfied a lot.

Delar till de sfäriska sonderna / Parts for the spherical probes

We are sorry for the lack of updates the last week, but we’ve been busy investigating an alternative landing solution. We’ve come to the conclusion to use a parachute system instead of the previously mentioned airbags. It hasn’t all been hard work though, we got to visit an astronomy camp at Barnens Ö, where we held a presentation and fired off model rockets! More on that and the new landing system in a later update!

In the meantime, the parts we ordered for the spherical probes at the ends of the SCALE system booms have started to arrive. Here is a picture of one of the freshly made wire boom probes, and one of the circuit boards it will contain. They were both manufactured by external companies from plans made by us.

Hej alla bloggbesökare! Det var ett tag sedan vår sista uppdatering, eftersom vi har behövt lägga allt krut på att hitta en ny landningslösning. Vi har nu bestämt oss för att använda en fallskärm istället för de tidigare luftkuddarna, men detta berättar vi mer om i ett senare i inlägg. Roligast av allt var att vi fick åka och hålla presentation och skicka upp modellraketer för en massa astronomiintresserade högstadieelever vid ett astronomiläger på barnens ö! Så fort vi har redigerat ihop den lägger vi upp en video från uppskjutningarna!

Under tiden kommer här lite bilder på de alldeles nytillverkade sfäriska sonderna som ska sitta längst ut på trådantennerna, och på ett av de kretskort som de kommer innehålla. Båda tillverkades från våra ritningar av företag utanför KTH.

One of the SCALE probes, which will sit on the end of the wire booms and contain accelerometers, gyros, wire tension sensors, and the Uniprobe magnetic field sensor

A circuit board for the spherical probes at the end of the SCALE booms. There are seven boards in total in each one!