Model rocket launches at Barnens Ö

Jacob writes

Back in April, David and me from SQUID and Johan and Erik from LAPLander headed out to Barnens Ö with Nickolay. It’s an island some distance from Stockholm, and in the summer it hosts camps for kids from the city. This time however, it hosted a camp for kids interested in astronomy held by the Egna Vingar foundation. We went there to talk about our projects, while Nickolay talked a bit about space weather. We got a lot of appreciation, and were even asked if we could come present more in the future. 😀 We also met a fellow space-blogger, Frida. Visit her blog at Frida och Stjärnorna (in Swedish)!

Erik had built two model rockets for the event, and we saw it as a great opportunity to try out our little shock-proof HD-camera. I’ve had the video for a while, but I thought it was high time I uploaded it!

The second rocket has an absolutely huge motor, and it was a pity it was so foggy. Erik estimated it might’ve reached an altitude of a 1000 meters!

I wanted to do the launches in slow-motion, but Windows is woefully ill-equipped for video editing and I didn’t have time to hunt around for better programs. 😦