First post flight analysis

After the successful launch of Rexus 10 we still have a lot of things to do. There is a lot of data stored on the FFU which will have to be analyzed in order to fully understand how the system has behaved and recover the scientific data gathered by the experiment. This data is stored in the memory inside the e-box and has not yet been extracted as the FFU was wet after landing in the snow, and as water and electronics dont like each other we decided to leave it drying.

But probably you have already seen the video we posted yesterday. The images are impressive, but the main objective of mounting the camera was to film the FFU in order to be able to check how the spheres were deployed. Unfortunately the experiment module was coning (it had a quite high precession angle) and the FFU was lost from the field of view of the camera after a few seconds. However, if one analyzes the movie carefully can extract some useful information. On the pictures you can see some snapshots taken from the camera shortly after ejection, when the FFU was still in the field of view. Of one checks the pictures from 2 to 7 can see the doors of the SCALE systems popping out gradually (all four of them) which means that the SCALE systems were in fact working, as the doors can only be released if the motor of the wire boom systems are working.

The FFU also appears later on in the video. It was however very far from the experiment module and details can hardly be identified. One can see it in the last pictures, on the bottom half of the photos close to the edge of the ejection spring (dont get confused by the brilliant thing appearing on the top of the photos, which is the nose cone of the rocket). We were unlucky enough to have the sun very close to the area on which the FFU was flying, so on the photos it usually appears as a shiny thing close to the spring. There is however a very interesting photo. If one checks the very last picture, one can see the FFU body very close to the edge of the spring and what seems to be two of the spheres close to it.

We do know that at least two of the spheres were deployed, as when we recovered the FFU two of the cables had been damaged during reentry, probably because the motors driving the wire boom systems could not overcome the centrifugal force during retraction and stalled, leaving the spheres on the free airstream, which ripped them off the cable. We will not know surely how they worked until we really process the data, specially from the sensor wheels on the SCALE systems and of the gyros and accelerometers of the FFU, but so far so good.


Last thoughts ahead of “Soft launch” tomorrow

As I bet most of yo already know by now we will hopefully be able to launch our experiment on the REXUS 10 rocket tomorrow. The launch is scheduled as a “soft launch” meaning that if something would go wrong during the count down then the launch will be cancelled. In a normal case a countdown might just have been kept on hold for a similar problem until it have been fixed. This means that at least I am quite nervous right now, I´m quite sure that the coming night won´t give as much rest as I would like to but I´ll really try to sleep as much as possible.

As a last teaser ahead of tomorrows scheduled launch I´d like to share some of my pictures from today including the team picture in front of the REXUS 10 rocket as well as some pictures of the return of the REXUS 9 payload.

LAPLander-uppskjutning imorgon! / LAPLander launch tomorrow!

English: We wish the LAPLander team the best of luck on their launch onboard the REXUS 8, scheduled tomorrow! Here are some pictures of the assembled rocket and a video of the REXUS 7 launch yesterday.

Notice: The blogs are being moved to a new platform, starting tomorrow and being finished by the 8th. During the move no further posts will be made. Check back the 8th though for updates on the LAPLander launch!

LAPLander är planerad att skjutas upp imorgon ombord på REXUS 8, och vi i SQUID håller alla tummar vi har! Här nedan är bilder på den ihopmonterade raketen och en video från gårdagens uppskjutning av REXUS 7!

OBS Bloggarna i KTH på Insidan kommer flyttas över till en ny plattform. Detta beräknas vara klart den 8:e, och tills dess kommer det tyvärr inte skrivas några fler inlägg. Så fort vi är tillbaka igen ska vi rapportera om uppskjutningen! Hur gick det? Hittades LAPLander? Funkade videokameran ombord? Kom tillbaka den 8:e för rapport om läget!

Assembled REXUS 8 for LAPLander 1

Assembled REXUS 8 for LAPLander 2

Assembled REXUS 8 for LAPLander 3

LAPLander Team with assembled REXUS 8