Another Hard Day in the REXUS Programme

Today started of a bit better then the day before considering the additional 75% of sleep. The morning was spent listening on different interesting presentations given at the symposium followed by the usual great lunch at the Casino. After lunch it was finally time for us to get some time to enjoy our surroundings. All participants were shipped out on the island of  Porquerolles where the groups was divided. I and David joined some other REXUS/BEXUS students, Adam and Helen on a bike trip to the closest beach. Well at the beach we enjoyed the wonderful water of the Mediterranean, some ice creams at the beach and the lovely  sun. Much to soon it was time to head back for the boat but we still had time for a beer before. Well back at the main land everything happened very quickly since there was a REXUS/BEXUS event planned immediately we did not get time enough to go home and shower which made the dress code very relaxed. This was not a problem though since everyone were in the same situation. Me and David goth our diplomas and then a group photo was taken. We then finally could make it back to the hotel for a shower before the evening continued with beers at the same bar as monday night. Tomorrow will be the last day of the symposium and will end with a vineyard dinner so we are looking forward to that.

Presentation and Tour of the City

So after the very nice evening yesterday we did not get many hours of sleep until it was time to be on place for the days lectures. Today was actually the day of our own presentation which we performed at 9:20 this morning, we received some great comments after it so we assume it went well. There where also other teams presenting today like M-BEAM and CASS-E. After a day full of valuable conversations in the exhibition hall it was time for the tour of the city. The guide took us through the old town and showed us many nice views. It all ended up on the mountain where drinks and snacks were served. The day ended with dinner at the restaurant in old town where we had beers the first night. Now we´re getting to bed to catch up on some sleep.

Saint Troppez

Today we used the morning to write on the article we´re presenting on tuesday and which in not yet ready. After 12 we decided to go with Peggy to Sain Troppez. It’s a one hour trip there with amazing looking roads among the hills. Well there we looked on the Yachts, the village and took a guided boat tour to get to see as much as possible during the three hours we had there. The weather was great but now when I´m writing this it is a thunder storm outside…

Tonight   we are going to the first event of the symposium, enjoy the pictures!

När SQUID åkte till Holland/When SQUID went to Holland

Summary in English: Here are some pictures from our trip to ESAs European Space Research and Technology Centre in Holland in December last year, where we pitched our idea to a panel of experts.

I December förra året, innan vi var säkra på att få biljett till raketflygningen, hade vi en stor uppgift framför oss. Vi hade skickat in vår ansökan, ett ganska saftigt dokument på 16 sidor, och var nu inbjudna till ESAs ESTEC (European Space Research and Technology Centre) i Noordwijk i Holland för att presentera vår idé för en panel av experter.

Jag, David, Mario, och Mónica offrade tentaveckan för att åka ner och pitcha vår idé. Som tur var hade vi inte bara en sjukt läbbig presentation framför oss, vi skulle även få uppleva en massa häftigt!

Här på bilderna ser ni bland annat det enorma testcentret för satelliter, utställningslokalen med en enorm ISS-modell i taket, och vår presentation (resultatet av den vet ni redan 🙂 )!