SQUID in space has now been seen by over 100.000 people

Okay we know, our blog has kind died since we presented our project at the ESA symposium last summer. But something which is still more then alive is our video “squid in space”  however not in the version we uploaded it in, instead it is the version High Powered Rocket takes a GoPro Camera to Space. Must See!!!! uploaded by PaintSlinger99 which is popular. It essentially the same video but with another title. This video during the past days past over 100.000 viewer (100.182 when I looked). This is something well worth noticing so to celebrate why not take another look on that video?

Live streams from the church

We´d just like to tip about two different livestreams which are currently transmitting from the church (which is the building we´re working in). The streams are set up by two other teams so you probably won´t see that much of us but at lest you´d get a feeling of the spirit inside the church.

New improved look on the SQUID homepage

For those of you who has not yet noticed we changed the look on our homepage yesterday night. We’re just now working with updates of the information placed on it and hopefully we’ll be releasing a whole now section on the homepage tomorrow night, more info on this soon. For the moment please take some time and check out the new improved look!

The new improved look of the SQUID homepage

The new improved look of the SQUID homepage

SQUID on the official website of Sweden!

Recently Mario was interviewed for the education sub-site of the official website of Sweden, Sweden.se. The article is now online, check it out! 😀

Of course we agree, projects like SQUID are an excellent reason to study in Sweden (and at KTH, above all!). 😉