Last Day at ESA PAC Symposium

After a wonderful week the last day of the symposium arrived much to early. The thursday began with presentations, as usual. Some really nice ones given by REXUS teams, and also one given by Mark from DLR regarding REXUS/BEXUS seen from a long term perspective, were held.

After the last presentation all conference participants went out to a vineyard, about 15 min from the center of Hyères, for the closing dinner.  We first gathered in the garden where vine and snacks were served and everyone mingled around. We then went in to the dining hall to eat a nice four course dinner with. I must admit that I really liked the fish main course.

The dinner was over much to soon and the only thing that remained was to say goodbye to everyone. This however was very sad and a bit chaotic and some of us therefore decided to move on to a hotel bar. Here the night ended with that Mark was thrown in to the hotel pool.

We have really had a great week down in france with many friands. Sitting here at home it really does feel sad, not only for leaving the nice sunny weather behind, but mainly due to that we will miss all the friends we have made during our time in REXUS/BEXUS. No matter how much learnt, and what cool stuff have been experienced, the friends we have made during the program will always be the first thing thought of when thinking back on the time of REXUS/BEXUS.

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