First day of the ESA symposium

Today was the first official day of the ESA symposium. We, me and David, started of with a short breakfast and then left for the symposium with the experiment with us. Since the experiment was wrapped in my clothes in my bag during the trip here a plastic bag had to do for the transportation to the symposium. Well att the symposium it started of with four and a half hours of loooong presentations covering the national reports of the states participating in the conference. At lunch a great three course meal was served but unfortunately someone had underestimated the time needed for everyone to eat so we were half an hour after schedule after lunch. The afternoon was spent watching some of the other REXUS teams presenting their results as well as the MARWEL team who are part of the upcoming BEXUS mission. We also had to spend some time preparing our selves for our presentation tomorrow. Last on the schedule for the day was a “Icebreaker” with great wine and some snacks. Of course the REXUS BEXUS teams were not satisfied but instead continued the night with beers at a bar…

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