REXUS 9 test count down and an amazing aurora

So yesterday it was finally time to start the test countdowns, during the morning meeting it however stood clear that not everyone where ready so they had to delay the countdown until after lunch. Therefore the team headed down to the church to get some stuff we had left there. Well down at the church we had a chance to see the REXUS 10 payload once again, now fully assembled together with the recovery module.

Right after lunch the two hours countdown was initiated. As a team leader for REXUS 10 I where allowed in the scientific center to observe the count down. Due to some problems with the relay box at the launcher the countdown where once again held at  -1 hour. Since the crew wanted to make sure that they fixed the problem the right way it took a while before it was okay to continue the count down. Just after the one hour mark we could observe on a video link in the operation room,  the last preparations of the rocket and the elevation of the rocket it self at the launcher. The rest of the countdown went well and resulted in success so now we are waiting for a real countdown of the REXUS 9 which will be launched today (tuesday) at 10:00 local time (UTC+1).

After the test there where not much left of the day but Helen Page held a great workshop about outreach and especially how to handle TV-inteviews. Just before ten yesterday night the rumor spread at the hotel about an Aurora so everyone run outside to get a look at it. It turned out to be an amazing aurora and even if I succeeded to get some pictures of it, they are not even close to the real thing! That, I can tell you for sure!

Now we are of course all looking forward to the launch of REXUS 9 and I hope to be able to provide some more pictures later on today.


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