Launch campaign, sunday and monday.

So finally at ESRANGE, feels good. We have lots of expactations for a good launch campaign and hopefully everything will turn out well in the end.

For sunday we had pretty much decided to take it slow, relax and rest after the trip. The day started with breakfast pretty soon after arrival followed by watching a balloon launch. Unfortunately the launch was aborted and instead the team decided to drive into town to sort out some stuff and also take the opportunity to visit a local market. Upon returning to ESRANGE it was already evening and after a nice dinner we headed of to the workshop where we will be working in order to unload the experiment from the car. The day was later nicely round of with a good sauna.

Following on monday the work began directly after breakfast. The SQUID team headed of to the rocket workshop, also known as the church for the characteristic shape of the building. There we prepared our working place and started to unpack the experiment and the tools, setting everything up and even starting to work. During the afternoon it was decided that we were actually going to perform a test of the top plate ejection system the next day which set the team of in a rush to prepare the experiment. The test was meant to test that the altimeter inside the eBox activated the cutter at the correct pressure altitude of about 5500 m. So we worked hard for the rest of the day, pushing for assembly of all systems needed to perform the test and late in the evening we were finally finished. But as always there were some fun things happening. Late in the evening a bit before we were to finish up the gas alarm was activated. Turned out being nothing serious but always fun with something to wake you up a bit 😀

No sauna was in question as we were back at the hotel at around 10 pm, but after chilling for a while we all felt the need for sleep as tomorrow was the first official day of the launch campaign and of course all of us wanted to be in good shape for all the wonderful work to come =D

O yeah right before heading of to the hotel the team got the opportunity to watch some beautiful aurora. Suddenly the cold didn’t seem to get to us, standing outside in the dark, watching the wonderful morphing aurora sky was most properly described as magical.



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