48 hours to go until departure

It is now just over 48 hours until we finally will leave on out journey from Stockholm to ESRANGE. We’re still working on our experiment and even if we are getting closer to completing it we still struggle with issues. One examples from the electronics is the sensors in the spheres. Due to problems with miss interpretation of the clock signal  in the spheres we have huge problems with getting the signal from them to the main board where it is supposed to be recorded. Even if we have done some great efforts and been awarded with good progress we’re now at such a late stage that we’ve had to confess that we won´t be able to fly with the sensors in the spheres. This means that we won´t be able to record the dynamics of the individual spheres. Another problem which have raised is the satellite modem. Even if we tested the system as early as during last summer it suddenly have stopped working. What seems to be the problem is that the modem module which is soldered at the flight board isn’t working. We´re now working in replacing it but it has proven to be a challenging task. However we won´t give up just yet.

Another thing we´re still working on is to get a reliable deployment of all four spheres, I´m attaching some pictures of our tries. at this moment we have at least three SCALES which deploys reliable but we have problems with the fourth one.

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