Last week of preparations ahead of launch campaign

So today is the second day of the last week ahead of the launch campaign. We’re all very excited and are all doing our very best in order to prepare the experiment. So what does “Prepare the experiment” this actually mean? In our project this mean that we first disassemble most of the experiment, checks the parts and then screws everything back together using new screws and Loctite. However before we start with any of these tasks we´re of course finishing off old tasks as well. Mainly this have to do with tests which we did not have time with earlier. These tests includes a variety of functionality’s, like for example the activation of the bacon transmitter which we use to recover the experiment, and of course the SCALE systems . During the remaining part of the week I hope that there will be plenty of events worth mentioning here,but for now this short post will have to do. I´ll attach some pictures from the last days as well. However I have one exciting thing to tell you about, during last week the situation in our work room / lab became impossible. Therefore I decided to use a couple of hours to change the room. We added a couple of tables, some bookshelves and also some nice working lights. You can see the newly shaped room in the photos I attached. As a continuation of this work we also went through the parts inventory and we now hope we´ve managed to sort out how many parts we have and where they are for the moment.

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