Friday – BMW finally

Considering the cosiness of our beds Friday was probably the hardest day during the week. For some reason all of us were really tired on Friday morning as we went to DLR to pack our stuff. We had to leave our RID at the DLR’s workshop as they wanted to do some more modifications in order to avoid possible problems during nose-cone separation. When we had packed all the other stuff we wished FOCUS good luck as they had to run another test to make sure that the experiment works together with the service module.

Now, we had to do something to forget that the RID is at the workshop and who knows what they’re going to do to it? So, now the plan was to gather some food and give the BMW-museum another try. As we decided to eat there I luckily had the opportunity to introduce the bavarian national dish to David and Gustav, “Münchner Weißwurst” with sweet mustard and pretzel. Although we broke with the tradition that you’re supposed to eat  it before 12:00.

Then the BMW-museum was a real highlight, especially the momentary exhibition on art-cars made the cars look really beautiful. Afterwards we were exhausted like hell and everybody was eager to take a seat.

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