The not so productive Tuesday.

Now, unfortunately we are kind of late with the blog entry, I had already written most of it on Wednesday night, but neither the DLR nor our Hotel did provide us with a proper Internet connection.

As Gustav told you we went to the Benchtest “happening” a bit earlier than the other teams from REXUS 10 in order to be prepared for possibly upcoming problems. As we hadn’t experienced any problems we had spent some time on thinking through a solution on how to rig up a test where we could actually eject the FFU without endangering other experiments and we thought we could rig up something alike during the day. The hole idea involved the big crane hanging from the roof of the experiment hall and although we had thought we could use that one at some point during the day we weren’t able to do so.

In the morning we watched the first bench tests with all the experiments rigged up together and it was kind of obvious that Sponge and Telescobe where still having some problems. Telescobe was coping with Software problems while Sponge eventually found out that they had problems with one of the motors which they will have to change. Later on Gustav was helping Jack from Telescobe with the Software while David and me tried to work on Documentation. This was kind of problematic as well because David had not installed the TeX software on his Computer and we didn’t have access to Internet. Believe it or not at the DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen it is a problem to get an Internet connection.
Fortunately I had the installation files still on my computer and after transferring a couple of package files for MikTex David was actually able to work on the documentation.

In the evening we joined the successful teams for food and beer in the Restaurant next to our Hotel.

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