Arrival and first day

So last sunday it was finally time to go to Munich again, but this time to participate in the bench test. So just after twelve i met up with David at SPP to gather the last things as well as printing the last version of the experiment documentation. After the the last check we continued our trip towards Arlanda where everything went well we even had time to make our usual stop at Starbucks Arlanda. This has actually become something of a tradition for us and it would have felt a bit strange not having time for the stop. Well down in Munich we took the S-bahn directly from the airport towards Steinbach where it is a five minutes walk to the place we’re staying at. On our way, passing central Munich Georg jumped aboard the train to join up with us. It was great to see him once again.
Well at our hotel we just left our bags and wen’t down to the one restaurant in the village to meet up with the other teams and have dinner and of course some beers. After a nice night some good sleep a breakfast and a quick taxi ride to DLR it was finally time for the moment we had all been afraid of; to unpack the experiment. It turned out that the experiment in fact was in very good shape and that it was working excellent together with our Ground Support Software. So after some quick discussions and a great lunch we decided to keep out of the way (monday and tuesday are supposed to be used for the REXUS 9 teams) so we headed towards Munich.
I and David decided to try to go to the BMW museum after all the recommendations from Georg while he had some things to take care of in town. However it turned out that the museum was closed on mondays but we spent some time at the BMW welt which is as a museum but only contains the new cars and is also free. However this has actually become another of our tradition, that Georg tell us the opening ours of museums which always turns out to be wrong, this far however have always been compensated by being able to watch an exhibition for free instead. Once again we headed back to time where it was time for some coffee and some great German bakery. Soon enough we met up with Georg again who this time had his girlfriend Maximilian with him. We took a walk through old time Munich and then continued out to the Augustiner Beer hall where we where last summer as well. Here we had some great food the four of us together. Now we’re all looking forward to have a look on the REXUS 9 bench test which will take place on Tuesday.

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