First post of 2011

It has been some time since our last blog post but don’t worry, we have just been busy… My original idea for the first blog post was to write a year story for 2010. However you must forgive cause I have been lazy! So to make it up to you I’m now intending to write

1) A short year story for 2010, which will be posted as an separate blog post later on this week 😉

2) A brief summary of what has happened since we last wrote anything on the blog

3) A short list of the upcoming events for the projects

4) Some great news.

Well start of in the opposite direction hence here comes the great news, first of we today sent away the experiment to DLR in Munich in preparations for the bench test which will take place there during the upcoming week. The second good news, which I’m actually quite late with, is that our successors, the RAIN experiment, have been selected for the REXUS 11/12. Check out more about them at there blog

So what highlights will happen in the project during the coming couple of months?

17-21 january – First of is the bench test which will take place in Munich during next week. The main focus of the event is to run through the mission time line including all events for all of the experiments in the same rocket.

31 january – 2 february –  Spin balance of the rocket

14-25 february – LAUNCH CAMPAIGN

So what have we been doing since you last heard from us just before christmas. Well as probably most of you also have done we have taken some time off. The team started to drop off as early as two weeks before christmas and some of us are still away on vacation. Somehow though we have managed to get the experiment ready for the bench test in fact it has been many late nights and early mornings, especially during the last week.

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