Ground support software

So the time has come to give a brief story about the ground support software (GSS). So what is the GSS? Well, actually it is quite simple to explain. The software used by the SQUID project can be divided into two different main categories. First the software which is loaded on to the probe it self and secondly the software used to monitor and communicate with the probe as well as post flight data analyzes.

The software used in the probe is written in VHDL and will be covered in a separate blog post. In general however one can say that this software controls almost everything that happens on the FFU during the mission. It also logs all sample data from the different sensors onboard the probe.

The GSS consists out of two totally different softwares,readOut and liveCom. The readOut is a Matlab script which reads out the memory data and displays it in form of plots. The tricky thing is to construct a fast script since data is stored in a rate of 2000 Hz while in flight which means that even short tests performed on the probe results in large amounts of data.


A example of how the data can be displayed by the plots genereated from the readOut. In this case it´s the data from the gyros in the eBox.

The liveCom in turn is pretty well explained by its name. The software is run by a computer which druing tests is connected by an old fashioned serial interface with the eBox. While in flight the connection will be wireless and go through the REXUS rockets service module. The software is written in python and makes use of the Tkinter TCL graphical interface. This combination enables the software to be run on a variety of platforms since most platforms supporting Python also suports Tkinter. The software mainly visualizes the low data rate output (LDRO) from the probe but also features a simple interface for controlling the probe which is used during system tests. However the main idea is to provide a fast way to follow the probe during the mission while it´s still in the rocket.


A screenshot from the liveCom software

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