Busy friday

Last friday was an incredibly busy day for the team. Directly after lunch an outreach activity, a presentation for the Rocket Science at KTH course to be specific, was planned and immediately after that the team was supposed to demonstrate the functionality of the main electronics in the system as well as the software controlling it. However the day turned out well and in the end at least some of us got to celebrate in the usual way (with beers at the Rocket PUB). A more detailed story from the two events follows below.

The presentation for the Rocket Science course has become a tradition, for the second year in row a team from REXUS presented their project at a lecture for the Rocket Science course. Last years presentation, done by LAPLander, led to the recruiting of a number of members  to the current SQUID team. The presentation for this year where mainly based on the presentation given to a number of schools earlier in the spring but does now feature a number of videos which has been recorded during the project (many of which are available on youtube). There where about 60 students audience who listened to the presentation which where given by Me (Gustav), David, Mario and Mikko. The presentation where rounded of by a short desciption of the intended experiment for next years REXUS campaign (see earlier post). We where very glad to see such an interested audience and also that so many students seemed interested in taking part of the mentioned experiment for next year.

The second event for the day was the demonstration of electronics and software for the project. Mikael Inga form Swedish Space Corporation was visiting us to see the progress of the system. The team had been preparing for this for a long time and was looking forward to show the features of the system. A more detailed blog post featuring the different parts shown will be posted later on by Monica. I my self was very satisfied to see that everything worked as planned and also that Mikael seemed satisfied with the progress.

To round of one could say that we had a hectic but successful friday afternoon to bad i did not have time to participate at the Rocket PUB my self…

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