Call for students to take part of REXUS 11/12

So for all of you out there who have been fallowing us during the year and now fell yearned to take on a REXUS project of your own now is your chance. As cited from the call for students poster:

The Division of Space and Plasma Physics at School of Electrical Engineering KTH now aims to put together a team of students to propose an experiment for the REXUS sounding rocket program for university students. If selected the experiment will fly on the REXUS 11/12 sounding rocket from ESRANGE in March 2012.

The experiment in mind is a multipoint measurement of mesospheric parameters with a fleet of small subpayloads deployed from the main rocket.

The team will consist of 6-8 students and should combine skills in electronics, hardware programming, mechanical design and implementation, signal analysis, system level testing. The first stage is preparation of the proposal to ESA. If selected, the team will work on a detailed design in the winter 2011, and build the payload in spring-summer of 2011.

For more information check out the call for students. Also check out the REXUSBEXUS homepage for more information about the REXUS programme. You’re of course also welcome to contact anyone of the SQUID team (or event the LAPLander team) to get more info about what you can anticipate of the programme.

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