Top plate ejection test 1

SQUID special forces test team has news for you all out there!!

After some hectic days of manufacturing parts for the landing system we finally have the target in sight. Attached to this status update is a video where you can find all the attempts performed tonight. Everyone has been working like being in a military bootcamp and the results are finally showing. Our top plate ejection system test can be considered a huge step forward for SQUID as the tests have proven that the design we’ve derived is in fact working in the test setup used.

Next mission is to once again infiltrate the workshop and continue to push through in manufacturing all parts needed for the drop test. Lots of tests and late nights are awaiting us but we will push through to the final end and see to it that we finish our mission successfully.

Ok some serious comments then. The test consisted of activating the cutter through the electronics and switches that are intended in the drop test model. As the cutter is activated the dyneema rope holding the top plate down will melt thus ejecting the plate. The first test was conducted with a weaker spring and was in fact a successfull ejection. However we could not stand to not have a successfull ejection with the stronger springs so sturdy as we are we found a way to compress and secure them. The difference can clearly be seen in the video and we all know that if something can fly higher then of course it also should 😀

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