PCBs soldered!

Written by Monica

So after have received the PCBs, the exciting tas of soldering started…we have 11 PCBs to solder…but for now 3 of them are critical to test and specially to be tested during a helicopter drop test that is coming in the next weeks.

It is worth to let you know that the challenge in this soldering is to handle the components..becuase they are so tiny that any false movement and they will fly and never see them again, specially the resistors and capacitors.. the ones we were used are case 0603 (1.6 mm × 0.8 mm)..

Other component part of the challenge was the FPGA becuase it has 100 pins and of course they must be clean and dont touch the next pin…when you see then by bare eye it looks so good but if you look with a microscope you will be surprised so it is very important to handle with care this component…. in the next picture some components

In the next part I will show you the PCBs as I showed some posts ago …and how they look now.


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