Planning the summer

So it’s finally time to write my first project management post in english. For those of you who have read my earlier posts in swedish it should come as no surprise that I’m using ganntproject as the primary planning software.

During the spring the Gantt chart started to grow to such size that it really became impossible to not forget tasks in the process when I where updating the status of the project. It was also hard to really get an overview of which tasks had been added in between the different subprojects. I therefore choose to  tackle the task of planning the summer and autumn from another angle then before. This time I started with writing a document containing lists for each subproject with the tasks that had been identified. To simplify the identification of all tasks i created a numbering system, this also simplifies discussions between different members in the team since it clarify which task is being discussed. The document is easy to overview when printed which makes it excellent as a material for group discussions this really made wonders for the connection between the planning and the reality.

After I had written the document I synchronized it with the Gantt chart as well as with Basecamp (for those of you who are not familiar with it, it is our internal communication platform made by 37signals). When adding the tasks to the gantt chart I took the opportunity to start setting dates for the tasks, this is a process which isn’t ready yet since it really takes a loth of time. The gantt chart still has some great advantages when it comes to planning the timeline. The software gives a great overview of the availability of different recourses (group members) which really comes in handy during summer since we’re all spread out around the world during different times. A great challenge has been to try to plan for the drop test in the end of the summer, we have a loth of larger/smaller tasks which needs to be completed to be able to go through with the test. The plan for the drop test will be more further detail during a later post.

This was all I had in mind for now but please do not hesitate to comment on my posts since I really would appreciate getting some new ideas for the management part of the project.

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