Team SQUID del 12 – Mikko Laukkanen

Hello Mikko! How old are you, and where are you originally from?

Mikko Laukkanen - portrait

Mikko Laukkanen

I’m 27 years old. Where I’m from is a tougher question, I’ve been all over Sweden. So far I’ve been living at eight different cities.

What is your role in the SQUID project?

I have the responsibility of the onboard camera system. The work consists of modifying an extreme sport camera to our requirements and to design and program a timer circuit that will control the camera operations.

What did you study at your previous college, and what are you studying now here at KTH? What made you choose to study here?

I have an aeronautical engineering exam from MDH Västerås. I felt that I were not yet done with the academic world, so I decided to study two more years in KTH choosing Master of Aerospace Engineering program.

How did you come to join the SQUID team?

A class mate of mine (David) was already involved in the SQUID project, I heard from him about the project and that the team needed somebody to work with the camera system and its timer circuit, as the timer circuit is based on a microcontroller, and as I am interested of microcontrollers I applied to join the team.

Where and with what do you hope to be working in ten years’ time?

Hopefully in a high-tech aerospace company, where I don’t know. I’m used to move around in Sweden but it would be interesting to live in a foreign country for a while, maybe a larger international company would be suitable for me where the possibility of varying workspace are better.

Worst space movie ever?

There’s a lot to choose from, maybe” DOOM” or “G**N***** from Outer Space”, the title says it all.


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