Soldering course at DLR

written by MONICA

As I mention in a older post (11 may) I was going to attend a soldering course at DLR (German Aerospace Center, Oberpfaffenhofen,Germany) offered for the REXUS program..and I did attend exactly after the CDR presentation and when I say exactly after the CDR it is literally because the course started at 9am and our presentation finished at 11am so I was a bit late, and my first surprise was to hear that the course was been given in German, so I asked very kindly to the instructor to give it in English and as everybody was comfortable with that the complete course was in english, he also provide me with manual in English and everything so I felt very happy to understand …. so the course started with the basics, theory about process and how important is to clean everything before start to solder… they provided us with a special PCB to solder and some components in order to practice after the theory was given, among the things that I liked more was a tinning process and also the soldering with hot air, it would be amazing to have one of that solders….specially for the surface mounted devices…. very soon we are going to start the soldering of the PCBs , I am sure this course will help a lot 🙂

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