Soldering course at ESTEC

As I’ve earlier promised  it’s now time for me to give a more detailed story about the soldering course in Nordwijk which I had the opportunity to take part of. The short adventure started with the flight down to Schipol. For once everything worked fine, except a 45 minuets delay, and I arrived at Schipol with all my luggage in my hands. The next step in the trip was to take the train out to Leiden and I just must mention the strange habit of the train company, when paying with card you had to pay another euro for your ticket. Yes Im used to that small shops in Sweden takes out a fee of about a half euro when you want to pay small amount with your card but the train company???

Well after a train trip of 20 min and then a 30 min buss ride I finally arrived to Nordwijk. It was quite easy to find the hotel and lucky me Jack from TElescope where sitting in the dinning room and where kind enough to show me the room i was going to share with him and . The hotel is a bit special since its divided into multiple small houses which are spread out in the town of Nordwijk so tho find your room the first time is not as all as easy as it sounds. Since I was an hour late for dinner I went out to find a place which where still open for service, after some searching I found an italian restaurant down at the beach and goth some great pasta while I enjoyed the sunset view over the beach.
The first day of the training course started early and i and my room mates met the other participants at the breakfast from where we all took the bus towards ESTEC. We must have had a loth to talk about since we managed to miss the stop, however the driver where kind enough to tell us at the next stop. After the small mishap we succeded to find our way to ESTEC where the next surprise awaited us, there are three main roads to ESTEC one for cars, another for bikes and the last for horsed none for pedestrians!
Well at ESTEC Martin Siegel from ESA welcomed us and we where presented to Jason Page who where going to be our course leader. The course started with a one and a half hour long theory pass where we went through the main principles of flight soldering. After that group moved on to the clean room to start the particle exercises. We really did get a loth of good tips and practice for the soldering even if we never will have as good equipment available for the soldering of our experiments. I’ll upload some pictures from the lab.
The secccond night started in the hotels dining hall where Martin Siegel and Koen de Beule joined the group, we continued the night in a bar near the beach where Koen gave us some useful tips on the development of the experiments. Quite to soon it was time for Martin and Koen to abandon the students and we continued on to a night club where we goth some fancy drinks and then on to a verry interesting rock club which where fited in a basement. Interesting enough the first picture which met me on my way in to the club where a picture of Pippi Longstocking.
The last day of the course where in its full length dedicated to practical exercises. I must say that I where impresses over all the different elements we managed to go through during the course length. The day where finished of by a visit to Koens office who kindly enough offered us some components for our experiments. After a dinner at the hotel we headed down to the beach where we took a ice cream and then rounded of the course with some drinks at a mexican restaurant down at the beach.
The next day it was time to head back home. I my self where going to meet up with the parts of the team at Arlanda as soon as i goth there to continue the trip directly to Tierp flight strip for the seccond towing test.

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