Project development during end of may and beginning of june

Some time has passed since we last wrote a blog post but don’t think that we have just been sitting around. In fact there has been some major development in the project and we’re deply sorry that this has not yet been covered in the blog. However we’ll try to make it up to you. In this blog post I’ll be summarizing most of the development and during the coming weeks we’ll try to write some more detailed post about each of these events.

First however, as you may know the competition KTH on the inside is over and we’d like to thank you all for your support during the competition even if we did not make it during the second part of the competition. Since our blog suddenly where closed down by KTH on the inside we’ve now moved the blog to and it is available directly on our homepage.

So what has really happened during the last weeks? Well, the last blog post covered our first towing test for the parachute solution that we’re developing for the system. The first test proved that the landing system worked in the most advantageous situation, with the SQUID probe facing backwards along the wind. To really prove that the system works we decided to do a second test which where carried out in a similar way as the first one but now with the FFU in a less advantageous situation where the FFU where facing straight upwards. For the moment we’re not able to show these videos on the blog but they can be seen directly at youtube, see links below.

Working principle

Tow test 1

Tow test 2

The rest of the project has also been moving forward. During the last days of may the team wrote the CDR version of the SED which is the final document describing the design of the experiment for the REXUS board. The document where sent in to the REXUS panel early morning june 28:th.

During the early days of june I  my self (Gustav) where away on a soldering course at ESTEC Nordwijk. I will cover this more in detail in a later post, for now you will have to satisfy your selves with this picture.

During the second week of June the team went to DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen for the critical design review. Since we had planned to be there for three days, while the CDR only lasted for two hours, we used most of the time in Munich. I’ll post some further pictures below but a more detailed story will be written later on.

During the last weeks we’ve also been joined by two new members in the team. First Mikko Laukkanen joined us. He will mainly work with the electronics and software and has already given us some useful help with developing a control circuit for the camera.

The second team member has just joined us. Her name in Malin Paulson and she will be working with the SCALE system development. A further description of them both will fallow in later posts.

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