Towing test

Georg writes

While all the others are writing on the Documentation for the critical design review which has to be finished tomorrow I am trying to keep you up to

Mario & Mikko running facing the Parachute in the pickup

date on what happened during the last couple of days.

And the most important thing was probably the towing test. On Wednesday last week more or less the whole team gathered to do a drag test at Tierp Airfield a bit north of Uppsala. The goal of this test was to investigate the deployment of the parachutes and to find a working folding technique.

Gustav is adjusting the RIG

In order to be able to do the test we all had a busy Monday, Mario and Gustav built a rig to mount the FFU onto the car and I had to produce something to attach it in different angles. Unfortunately the mounting device from bent aluminium wasn’t as stable as I expected it to be.

However, after some starting problems with broken swivels and opening problems a couple of runs worked out quite well, the chute deployed when it was mounted with the attacking wind. The two tested folding techniques seem to work equally good and parachutes seem to work fine.

There is already another towing test being planned in order to refine the results a bit, I hope this time the attachment will work a bit better…

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