Motors delivered and tested

Last week our motors for the SCALE system was finally delivered. As many of you may know I’ve been rather involved with trying to get our motordriver to work. At first we made a first version which we after some weeks of testing and tuning finally got to work.

Motorstyrningskretsen som den såg ut i version 1

Motordriving v.1

However during the tests we noted that there where plenty of parts in the circuit which could be simplified. So after some final test, that proved that the first version worked  with a similar motor to ours, we decided to make a new version. The new version in its turn where acctually quite delayed mainly becaus a simple mistake when reading the specification of the comparator used in the circuit.

Motordriver v.2

Motordriver v.2

About two weeks ago I finally  made it work, just in time for the delivery of the new motors. So now we’ve tryed the motors both with the new driver, proving that it works, as well as with the older version of it, which we have in two copies enabling us to actually run the motor since it makes use of two motors.

Two motors

The new motor, which we're actually going to use, to the lest and the old one, which has been used for testing to the right


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