Team SQUID Del 10 – Linus Ericsson

Now George joined and working hard on the mechanics, but the SQUID needs further care. Linus Ericsson joins the team for helping out with the electronics and software inside the medium sized metal can.

Linus on skitrip to the Esrange area (always these vacation pictures)

Hello Linus! How old are you, and where are you originally from?

I am 26 years old and from Gothenburg, a city on the Swedish west coast.

What is your role in the SQUID project?
I am going to take responsibility for the electronics and software of the project, that is, make the more or less intelligent parts to work as wished.

Right now I’m trying to help Gustav in the struggles with the videocamera, and tries my best to get an Atmel ATTiny circuit emulate button pushes on the camera with electronics, and to be honest, I am a bit worried over the strange battery solution that is chosen for the camera. There seem a lot of unexpected problems in a project like this.

What did you study at your previous college, and what are you studying now here at KTH? What made you choose to study here?
Even though Gothenburg has the great Chalmers University of Technology, I decided quite early that KTH was the university for me, and here I am. Maybe I am one of the first persons that KTH recruited only through the web, since I was searching for a lot of programming things and seemed to only find KTH pages over and over again. I reasoned it was probably a good idea to be there IRL as well!

How did you come to join the SQUID team?
Gustav sent out a message to the brus-listan, a humoristically named mailinglist hosted by the students electronic lab at KTH, Elab. I thought that a space related project was way too cool to miss (there are like huge possibilities for space), and after some mailing I went to Alfvénlab to meet the project group.

Where and with what do you hope to be working in ten years’ time?
I seem to have like an internal idea generator that works on high speed for almost all the time. Maybe I would work as some kind of inventor. I would really need someone who took care and refined my ideas, though.

Worst space movie ever?
I usually forgets bad movies, but there was one with this guy on mars that was really strange because he hade breathed to much bad Martian air and got his lungs filled with siliconfibres or something. I love Barbarella.

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