Finally! The SCALE System is Ready

Jiangwei writes

After several weeks’ struggle, the scale system is finally hammered out, hahaha :D, at least it shows what the scale system is and how it works.

Here are two pictures showing the inner structure and the profile.

The Scale System Explosion View

This explosion view shows a lot of details inside the a single scale system, hopefully you could figure out how it works 😀

The Scale System Outprofile

Now it looks really cute~ Exactly a cube of 60×60×60

During the design, quite many engineering and modelling challenges bothered me a lot, as well as other mechanical guys, but eventually, after meetings and discussions, things become clear as if we saw the dawn. For instance, how to mount the scale system? Originally it was supposed to be mounted on the side surface of electrical components box, but now there’s no space for that.Hence, our final decision is simply mounting these scale systems onto the buttom disk, pretty good for saving the limited space. In addition, how to discard the protective door? Due to its “one-way trip”, we shouldn’t make it complex, otherwise, we are more like going to discard a bunch of money in the sky. So a “double-locker” solution was unveiled, which only uses two lockers to constrain the door, and releases the door after lockers activated, thus, the door could be manufactured simply as a disk, no hinge any more.

Here is a brief assembling of the Squid main structure, including the E-box (electrical components box), four scale systems, and the lower disk.

The Brief Assembling

This assembling includes the E-box, four scale systems, and the lower disk.(To me, it looks like a space battle carrier, ready to deploy fighters,yahhhh)

Lots of problems were solved and finally the design come into details, now when I am looking back to these old versions once modelled before, I can easily feel promotions in the current version, and satisfied a lot.

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