The mockup of the FFU is coming together

Soon we will be starting to do tests on the parachute deployment. Therefore the production of mockups of the FFU have begun. George, the team’s new member, is working like crazy down in the workshops to manufacture the models. Great job George!!

Our parachutes that we ordered also arrived a while ago. The parts are starting to come together, at leas a bit 😛 We chose a cross-chute type due to its favorable characteristics such as stability and less drifting with wind than a regular umbrella shaped one.

Before we do the actual test the parachute folding has to be tested and developed. This has proven to be a quite intriguing task due to that we actually have no idea of how to fold it correctly into the FFU. But one thing at least can be concluded, it seems to at least be possible to fit it into the compartments that we have 😛

The test day is set for the towing test. On May 19:th we will head to the airfield in Tierp to conduct the towing test on the parachute deployment. For now we will work hard to plan for this event because we really need to get as much data and results from this day as possible.

We all look forward to this and hopefully it will go well 😀

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