Hijacking a GoPro Hero HD videocamera

Some of you may be aware of my lost luggage earlier last month when I was on my way to Stuttgart. Among the things that were lost was the video cam that was supposed to be used for the project. This really happened at the wrong time since we were in the middle of trying to understand how its battery works. So as soon as we understood it was gone we ordered a new camera however the ash cloud came in the middle of everything so we had to sit still and wait for the camera for two more weeks.

After a lot of waiting we finally received the new camera last week. The first thing to do was to continue the work with finding out what the magical third pin of the battery does.

The idea has been to try to “listen” what happens when the camera is turned on, this work has until now been rather unsuccessful. The target is to be able to connect the camera to the rockets internal battery instead of having to use the internal battery of the camera. So if there is someone out there who knows a lot about hijacking batteries please do not hesitate to contact us!


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