Team SQUID Del 9 – Georg Schlick

Georg cross-country skiing on a lake near Kiruna

Now that the students ended their winter sleep SQUID is getting reinforcements. First planning to join the project in late August Georg has already been working on our first mock-up.

Hello Georg! How old are you, and where are you originally from?
I am 24 years old and from Innsbruck a City in the western part of Austria somewhere in the Alps between Italy and Germany.

What is your role in the SQUID project?
I am going to take responsibility for the dynamical modelling from Mario as he has quite a lot to do designing the SCALE and setting up all the test-scenarios.

However at the moment I am mainly spending time in the basement building our first mock-up.

What did you study at your previous college, and what are you studying now here at KTH? What made you choose to study here?
I am here as an exchange student, so I am at least officially still studying at my previous college, the technical university Munich. I’ve been studying mechanical engineering there and I am extending my studies in that field here at KTH.
The choice to come here was more accidentally and based on the exchange program I am in. I don’t think I could have made a better choice though.

How did you come to join the SQUID team?
I attended Gunnar’s course on non-linear finite element methods and at some point during the course he mentioned, that the team is looking for new members. So I read up on the project and eventually I decided to join.

Where and with what do you hope to be working in ten years’ time?
I still hope to get around a bit during the next ten years which makes the where quite tricky.
To tell with what I want to work isn’t that easy either, but I would really like to work as some sort of teacher or trainer some day.

Worst space movie ever?
I like most space movies even if they are more fiction than science. However Lost in Space is the one I would call the worst I’ve ever encountered.

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