Yuri’s Night in Stuttgart – Part 1

After a week of work on the next version of the experiment documentation, me (Jacob) and Gustav traveled today to Stuttgart in southern Germany. Together with some of the German REXUS teams we will be attending an event at Yuri’s Night on Sunday, to which we’ve made some neat posters and brought along prototypes and other material from our project. Yuri’s Night is an annual event the world over, celebrating the anniversary of the first human spaceflight.

Juergen and Tina from EXPLORE were kind enough to offer us a place to stay. We just came back from a bar here in the town of Vaihingen right outside of Stuttgart, where we participated in a strange peanut-throwing ritual. Beer was cheap and there was free gulasch soup served after 12. We’ll just have to see if we ever come back to Stockholm again!

Tina, Gustav and Juergen at a pub in Vaihingen

After 12 o'clock they brought out "tomtebloss" and gave us peanuts to throw at each other! This place is amazing!

The trip here was far from great though, with one flight being cancelled and a bag being lost along the way. Luckily we (almost!) didn’t loose any SQUID-material with that bag, so the project and presentation won’t be affected. One of us will have to buy some new clothes though…

Tomorrow we’ll be checking out town and finish the preparations for the expo and presentation in the planitarium on Sunday. Hopefully we’ll have time to visit the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums too!

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