The RID (Rocket Interface Disk)

Mario writes

Once the rocket reaches about 60km the FFU or Free Flying Unit of SQUID must be ejected, starting its active phase. The ejection of the FFU is critical, as any kind of perturbation or missalignement with respect to the rotation axis of the rocket would affect its attitude, which would surely ruin the controlled deployment we are trying to test.

It is also important that the FFU is ejected at the correct speed. If the speed is low it can happen that the rocket caches the FFU and collides with it (it has happened before), and if it is ejected too fast, the FFU can collide with the nosecone (which is obviously ejected before the FFU).

The part in charge of carrying the ejection system and serve as an interface between the rocket and the FFU is called RID. It will bring three different components, the wide angle camera, a wire cutter and springs for the ejection system and an umbilical connector to the FFU, which will be used to “listen” to the experiment while it is on the rocket and the NSSB (Not So Smart Box).



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